Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Most Recent Ultrasounds

Here are the ultrasound pictures from Dec 31st... from when we found out that "it" was actually a boy (see "guy gear" below).

Yep, it's a boy! And look at the size of his thighs! They look like frog legs at this point, but that's good - maybe he'll have quite a vertical :) And he's going to need those big thighs for landing double backflips on skis, right? Doug is already building jumps behind the house...

Um, this 3d photo is a bit creepy, but it does show that he's starting look less like a fish and more like a human. And it's good to see that all of the facial features are in the right places!

We call this one the "skeletor" photo... Looks like he's yelling to the camera "Hey! Get me out of here!! Do you realize how incredibly bored I am???" And can you see that he's clawing at the inside of my stomach, trying to get out?
Not much longer, little guy... that's what doug and I keep telling him!

First Baby Blanket

Yep - I'm making him a blanket... (with doug's supervision, of course). I do a couple of rows each day - i should be done in about 17 weeks... what a coincidence!!
This is Mission Falls 1824 Cotton - and should be sturdy enough to withstand plenty of puke, dirt, and dog hair. And it should get softer with time!

Baby Wardrobe

Well, we haven't done a lot of shopping yet, but here's what the Rock's wardrobe looks like so far... (we'll just call him the Rock for now, since he sits like a rock at the bottom of my stomach!). My best friend Eileen sent him the Jim Morrison onesie, while Beth from Lorna's Laces (a friend of ours) sent us the "I might barf" onesie... funny that it arrived on the one day that I actually did barf! (when we opened the package, we thought the shirt was for me!).
The AC/DC shirt was the 1st purchased - about 2 months ago... and holds the most sentimental value - we'll likely keep it til the kid turns 60.

Friday, January 16, 2009

21 weeks....

here's me at 21 weeks (and 9-10 pounds). My pants still fit, as long i wear them unbuttoned!

and here's Doug at 21 weeks... he looks pretty good, i think!

17 weeks...

And here's my "gut" at 17 weeks....right before Christmas in Wisconsin and too many of Diane's cookies. (Of course, i felt so sick the whole time, i didn't have much of an appetite for cookies or anything else.


And here's the first shirt that we bought ... we figured that both boys and girls like AC/DC, so it would work for either!

Yes, I'm sure you can tell by my expression that we're still a bit nervous(?) about the whole thing. I think it's been about 13 weeks at this point (out of 40 total) and we still have only told our parents. Still so far to go!

12 week Ultrasound

Here's a pic at 12 weeks... (we didn't know if it was a boy or girl yet).