Friday, March 27, 2009

31 Weeks (7 3/4 Months). Only 9 Weeks to Go!

Here is the latest batch of photos. I've gained 19.5-20 lbs so far and only have 9 weeks left to go (well, 8 weeks and 6 days...). I'm right on track. Doug is looking pretty good, too! It's Friday morning and he's dressed to go skiing for a few hours before we head to reno for work.

I finally ordered some of the baby furniture yesterday (thanks Dad & Gene/Diane for the Crib!) and we should be getting some of the bedding in a few days. Here's a link to the bedding. Once we get some of the bedding, we'll start to paint his room... brown and blue is what we're thinking (either 1 wall brown/3 walls blue OR the top part blue and the bottom part brown - with the border in between the 2 colors)
The crib should arrive in 4-6 weeks and can later be converted into a toddler bed and then a full bed. We're hoping it lasts for many, many years.

After months of deliberation, we finally settled on a 2nd piece of furniture: the changing table. We went ahead and got the matching baskets and even had one of them personalized with his name (thank goodness for credit card rewards - USBank paid for everything!). I'm thinking the changing table can double as a nice Bar Cart sometime down the road, but doug thinks that might be kinda gross (butts and booze don't always mix). We could also use it to store his books & toys once he's out of diapers (in malaysia they are trained at 12 mos!!), so hopefully this piece will also last for many, many years.

Finally, I ordered a big basket that will be personalized with his name... we'll use it for toys, etc. in the beginning and then for laundry as he gets older. That's the idea, anyway!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

28 Weeks... (7 Months) and Counting!

Yep, i'm definitely getting bigger -i'm trying to suck my stomach in, but it's obviously not working anymore... Here's me (and the kid) at 28 weeks and about 16 pounds... It's getting harder and harder to tie my shoes - and doug is now responsible for buckling my snowshoes each day.

Can you believe that I actually used to fit in this sweater?? Haha. Actually, this baby sweater was just arrived a few days ago - Beth from Lorna's Laces knit it for Baby Z... it's soooo small - i can't imagine how anything bigger than a hamster will be able to fit in it!

We were having fun with the photos this morning & thought that you might like to see how doug is progressing... He looks about the same - and doesn't seem to have any trouble tying his shoes!

Wiley likes the new sweater - and is pretty excited to have a new person to protect (even if he is a bit sleepy). And Buddy is calling dibs on the sweater - once the kid has outgrown it. :)

P.s. here's doug washing the truck this past weekend in the snow... he's so weird - but really likes a clean truck! (Ok, ok... we were about to sell the truck, so he had to wash it - and was SO embarrassed that people would see him washing our truck during a big snowstorm. i had to laugh).