Tuesday, March 3, 2009

28 Weeks... (7 Months) and Counting!

Yep, i'm definitely getting bigger -i'm trying to suck my stomach in, but it's obviously not working anymore... Here's me (and the kid) at 28 weeks and about 16 pounds... It's getting harder and harder to tie my shoes - and doug is now responsible for buckling my snowshoes each day.

Can you believe that I actually used to fit in this sweater?? Haha. Actually, this baby sweater was just arrived a few days ago - Beth from Lorna's Laces knit it for Baby Z... it's soooo small - i can't imagine how anything bigger than a hamster will be able to fit in it!

We were having fun with the photos this morning & thought that you might like to see how doug is progressing... He looks about the same - and doesn't seem to have any trouble tying his shoes!

Wiley likes the new sweater - and is pretty excited to have a new person to protect (even if he is a bit sleepy). And Buddy is calling dibs on the sweater - once the kid has outgrown it. :)

P.s. here's doug washing the truck this past weekend in the snow... he's so weird - but really likes a clean truck! (Ok, ok... we were about to sell the truck, so he had to wash it - and was SO embarrassed that people would see him washing our truck during a big snowstorm. i had to laugh).


  1. Well, I can officially congratulate you now! I never thought I would see this day, but LZ I actually got tears in my eyes looking at all your photos. They are so precious, and your lives will be incredibly enriched by this whole adventure of parenting. It is much different than canine children! I wish I could remember your grandpa's name...that would be my guess.

    Now go read my latest post and see how your heart breaks down the road. The little suckers go and grow up so quick!!

    Let me know if there is anything I can do, I make an awesome labor coach and come with references!!

  2. Hey, is Doug available for hire? I have some really dirty vehicles. Oh yea and you know how I feel about the kid! Hee, hee :)