Friday, May 15, 2009

The Crib is Here!

Photos of the crib! We're washing the sheets (hence the stacks of laundry in the doorway) and getting everything prepped.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

24 days to go...

Only 24 days left to go... Don't be fooled - this shirt makes me appear much smaller than i really am.

I'm officially up almost 25 lbs, but have almost completely lost my appetite because i'm so unfomfortable. My stomach is stretched so tight at this point that i can actually feel his little feet sometimes (and we can feel most of his carcass the rest of the time!).

Things are great here - business has been phenomenal - and we're almost done with the nursery. The crib should arrive next tuesday (the 12th) and we're also waiting on one more roll of the border. Thanks again to both of our parents for buying the crib. we're so excited to see it in person!

A few days ago, we made 1 more trip to Babies R Us and picked up the last few things we think we'll need for the first few weeks (diapers, sheets, formula, etc...). It's too bad they don't sell Sleep there - i have a feeling that we're both going to need some of that.

I can't believe that we're getting so close - and that our life is about to change FOREVER. It's SCARY!! But it's also going to be a relief to be able to sleep on my stomach - and to bend over to tie my shoes. I have completely forgotten what it feels like to not have a belly (especially one that is rock hard and has the outline of hands, feet, and a butt).