Thursday, June 4, 2009

A few photos from the first week.

Huckleberry Parks Zander (we call him "Huck" or "The Huckster").
Born May 28th, 2009
Weight: 7 lb 3 oz
Length (height?): 19.5"

Do i need to tell you my height and weight also??
Weight before labor: 152.2. Weight after labor: 140.8.
Height before labor: 5'6". Height after labor: 5'6" (it didn't change).

Here are a few pics from the first week.... if you're interested, you can find more here:

Can't write much... he just woke up :)


  1. Dog gone it, I have wet eyes! Way cool! J

  2. So cool that you are a mom now Laura! I'm so happy for you guys. He's a cutie and I love the pictures of Buddy and Wiley getting to know him. The tennis balls are a great idea! We have lots of pictures of the kids when they were newborns propped up against the dogs. The dogs are very protective of them now. Have fun and get sleep!

  3. He really is adorable and a welcome addition to the Skislope Hockey Team!

    We cannot wait to see him in person. See you all soon.

    Susan and Don